Unday Egg Tray

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An interesting egg crate with clean details and perfect size partitions to place eggs. This crate is meant for 6 eggs at a time!  The product is laser cut in MDF and then hand painted with cool “today is Unday” caption on it. The product has neat edges and looks really-good when placed in the kitchen!


 Have you felt the sadness when eggs break in the crate? Do you feel the market lacks interesting and safe crates for storing eggs? Try out our new product: “today is unday” if you can’t resist eggs in your breakfast! The interesting part about the egg crate is that it’s detachable! The inner partition can be taken out and used as a tray! One can have the personalized feel of the egg tray with the caption printed “today is unday”. The tray is available in different colors. The tray has specific detailed and neat shape cuts to keep the eggs intact and save them from breaking with a shock. You can use the inner tray while cooking as it’s comfortable and the entire egg tray can be used for storing. The product comes in safe packaging and assures on time delivery. What are you waiting for? Order now and experience it yourself!

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