Peppered Clutch

Handcrafted in genuine leather with microfiber lining with suede like finish with metal studs, the peppered clutch is the contemporary choice of all girls. The clutch has a top zip with a wristlet puller for comfortable handling. The color of the clutch is exclusive black and rich shade. 

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Peppered clutch is the choice of trend and contemporary woman. Let your style speak for yourself.  Peppered clutch is portable and comfortable choice of all girls with interesting metal studs on it!  The clutch has a zipper pocket with wristlet puller for comfortable handling. The clutch has clean black color. The micro lining with suede like finish is fun and interesting in trend! The bag is unique and perfect to carry daily utilities with comfort and classy in hand. Order now and enjoy the hassle free safe delivery. The peppered clutch is easy to carry and comfortable to handle. The peppered clutch is light weight and lustrous and is the right choice.

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