About Us

Handicraftszone is the brainchild of young founders with the vision to promote World handicrafts business under the domain of handicraftszone.com. We are trying to improvise the lifestyle of artisan and craftsmen by selling their handicrafts directly to the customers from around the World.

Besides improving the lives of the artisans painstakingly working on their handicrafts, handicraftszone also makes their lives easier by offering them a better market to sell their products. Our Jakarta-based startup collects handicrafts from artisans from all over the world, finds customers for them, ships them to global destinations and eventually collects the payment and gives the artisans’ their share.

Since our objective is to showcase the various categories of handicrafts to the global audience, our ecommerce platform hosts art and crafts from all the parts of the World. Our objective is to provide our customers the experience of buying from a world wide market while sitting at home miles away, with the click of a mouse.

Our whole collection of traditional art and craft in the form of wearables, home décor items, lighting products etc. have been featured on our website at a very reasonable price. All you have to do is, identify what you want and make the purchase. With every handicraft you purchase, we promise on time delivery with the safest packaging possible.

Feel the essence of the world's tradition and different culture at your home with the aesthetics and traditional beauty of the hand crafted products from all over the world. Shop from us, now!

Why us?

Handicraftszone aims to make the foreign market feel the essence of different culture with hand crafted products. Our endeavor is to better the lives of world-wide artisans by providing them a bigger market or the platform to sell their products. Our vision is to aggregate handicrafts from different export houses and vendors from all over world and further sell those to high-end customers globally

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